Product Details: Cab Organizers

J&M cab organizers are designed to utilize your cabin’s otherwise wasted space. Our cab organizer is designed to be multi-purpose with a storage area for manuals/catalogs, rails for hanging file folders, and a top tray to store writing utensils and other items for quick accessibility. Keep all of your paperwork organized and in one spot. With the locking lid, you can safely secure anything valuable inside the compartment. Also included is a note holder on the front of the organizer allowing easy access to clipboards, notebooks, or literature.


  • Made of 100% Aluminum.
  • Designed to utilize your cabin space.
  • Locking lid for added security.
  • Multi-use Surface.
  • Practical Design.
  • Van-specific Base Plate.


Multi-use Surface

A clipboard style clasp is used to prevent paperwork from sliding while in transit. Perfect for Invoices, directions, or tracking hours.

Practical Design

The interior is designed to be used with hanging folders and includes a removable top tray for pens, keys, and business cards.

Van-specific Base Plate

We design our base plates to fit with your vehicle’s specific contour to keep the cab organizer level and at a comfortable height.


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