Drastically reduce the risk of injury and make lifting quick and easy for those one-man jobs.

Our hoists were developed to lift heavy equipment in and out of your van. This drastically reduces the risk of injury and makes lifting quick and easy for those one man jobs. We developed our hoists with safety as our main concern. The boom easily swings the load in and out of the vehicle giving you full control with very little effort.

Depending on the application we offer a 30” or 36” length boom, which provides balance between the reach and the clearance through the van’s opening. The hoists are engineered with a heavy duty steel upper mount to evenly distribute the load throughout the van body. This also reduces the hoist’s footprint allowing for a very small mounting profile giving you that additional valuable space. The kit includes everything needed to install. The 12V system connects directly to your vehicle’s battery. The hoist contains very few moving parts resulting in a durable and easy-to-install system.

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