Product Details: Partitions

J&M Partitions are designed specifically to your vehicle and provide the best fit on the market. Partitions allow better climate control in the cab and greatly reduces the risk of fumes or odors from entering the cabin. It also provides ample noise suppression, giving you a quieter ride and environment to communicate.


  • Made from 100% aluminum, our partitions are designed to keep loose tools from ever injuring the driver
  • In the event of a break-in, it separates the cabin from the cargo area keeping thieves from getting to your valuable equipment.
  • Available in a solid, screen, or glass window center panel.
  • Sliding door version with most of the same great advantages while giving you quicker access to your cargo area without being exposed to outside environment.


3 Variations

We offer three different center panels to best suit your needs. The solid option provides security while the screen window and glass window supply additional visibility.

Sliding Door Option

The sliding door offers you the same great fit and gives you quick access to the cargo area without ever having to leave your vehicle. In addition, because the door slides open it does not pro-trude into the cargo area.

Fully Reclined Seats

Our headboards offer unhindered seat travel for taller drivers so you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for safety. They also stand upright, so there is valuable cargo space is not sacrificed.




Nissan NV



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