Product Details: Shelving Units

J&M Shelving Units are designed to be extremely versatile, enabling them to work with your every need. We pride ourselves on maximizing your van’s storage capacity. We use as much space as possible, allowing you to be clean, organized, and efficient. Every installation kit includes all hardware and brackets specific to your vehicle, ensuring the shelving units are mounted securely and last a lifetime of use. Storage bins, additional shelves, and dividers as well as shelving doors are available as well.


  • Made of 100% aluminum, making them durable while remaining lightweight.
  • All units have a top tray that allows you to store full length pipes.
  • Optional pipe tray gives you an additional compartment to carry full length pipes.
  • Shelves are a standard 18” deep to accommodate large divider bins. The generous shelf depth also provides significantly more space for keeping your tools off the floor and easily accessible.
  • Designed to give you sufficient room to navigate the aisle or carry large items.
  • End panels have a solid aluminum finish, providing a clean, professional look while giving you extra surface area to mount your commonly used tools. 


Pipe Tray

Pipe tray shelving units are able to carry up to 4” diameter pipe and are open on the side to allow storage of shorter pieces.


Each shelf is fully adjustable even after installation of the shelving unit. They can also be mounted at a forward angle or flipped over.

Divided Shelves

Slotted-style shelves have adjustable dividers that allow you to separate all your parts so you can quickly access them.

Storage Bins

Our shelves are designed to work with standard divider bins, maximizing your organization and inventory. Available with aluminum dividers.

Locking Door Panels

Safely store your valuables with locking door panels.

Tool Mounts

Aluminum mounts to carry commonly used tools.

Hanging Hooks

Hang power cords and hoses with movable hang hooks. Available in multiple sizes.

Organizer Trays

Available in different sizes to fit water bottles, spray bottles, cans and many more.

100% Aluninum

Made of 100% aluminum, making them durable while remaining lightweight.




Nissan NV


Box Truck


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